5 Content writing topics that will definitely grab some attention

When you plan to write a blog or an article, the first thing you decide is your topic. Without a topic, you can’t get started at all. But then how judiciously do you choose your topic? While writing for blogs or other such articles, you must have found that not all topics get equal attention even when it is nicely written. The main reason is that you must have worked hard on something which is not very useful for others. Now the question arises, what is the topic that more people would like to check?

Below are some fantastic options that you should always consider before writing your next content.

  • Trending topics

Check out the most trending topics of the day or the month on the web. For instance, the most trending topic right now is the Tokyo Olympic 2020. Grab details about this topic from genuine sources such as which country bagged how many medals and jot them down at one place. Make your work look more organized than all the other web pages featuring the same news on the web so that your work shows up at the top of the search engine. Any news update could be a trending topic, so search the web and get started.


  • Tutorials

Do you remember how everyone was busy making Dalgona coffee at the beginning of the Covid lockdown? Even the person who could not boil water by himself searched on google, “How to make Dalgona coffee?”. That’s when people look for simple tutorials to help them get on with their work. Find out what are the things people want to learn and make tutorial blogs on that topic. Maybe you know how to solve a complex math problem, or you can cook some international delicacies. Share your solutions or recipes through your write-ups. These topics gain maximum attention on the web.

  • Myth-busters

During these trying times when the world faces a dangerous pandemic, people are always unsure about everything in and around them. That is when myths are born. We have seen many new myths coming up about the Covid Vaccines during the pandemic, or the symptoms and whatnot. So, the Myth-buster content write-ups are the most searched for articles on the web. Check out the fact before writing the myth-busters and give references about the information to make it look more genuine. Make sure that nothing in your content writing is copied or plagiarized from elsewhere.

  • Review or Analysis

In the era of e-commerce, what a customer always looks for before buying a product is the rating or review of the product. They want to make sure that every penny that they are investing in a product is worth it, and that’s where the work of a professional content writer comes into play. One can also write reviews or analyses of a newly released movie or album or book. If you are associated with digital marketing or PR, make sure that your write-up is convincing enough for the reader to buy the product or watch the movie based on your analysis.


  • Tips and Tricks

‘How to remove ink stains from shirt?’ or ‘how to get rid of foul smell from hand after cutting garlic?’ are some common questions that people will never stop asking the internet. That is when blogs or pages with these contents get highlighted on the search results. If you write on these tips and tricks, your content will get more attention than writing on an intricate topic.


So, always make sure to choose the right topic before writing your content. Let your hard work get some excellent results. Many good writers often remain unnoticed because of the subject they write on. Think twice, act right!


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