5 Interesting Components of a Good Blog

If you are new to blogging, you may have noticed that some of your blogs are loved a lot better by your readers in comparison to others. You might be working equally hard for all your projects, yet some of your brightest ideas may remain devoid of the attention they deserved.
This happens because you might be missing some key components that make your blog exciting and attract readers to your post. Here are 5 interesting components of a good blog-

1. A Catchy Title

One of the first things that a reader notices about your blog is the title. The title must be interesting enough to compel the reader to click on the link. Keep experimenting with your title. You must understand that your reader comes across several blog posts every time they scroll their phone. Think about what would make them open yours.

2. Sub-heading

You may get your readers to open your blog through your title, but you wouldn’t be able to have them till the end without dividing your piece into subheads. In this era of information, content is available everywhere. You must make it easy for your readers to consume your work. Otherwise, they would find someplace where it is.

3. Images

Let us face it, no matter how mind-blowing your content is, long paragraphs of plain text never attract anybody. You need to make your blog look attractive for the readers to reach the last section. The human brain finds images more stimulating than text, and hence, you must add images to make your blog aesthetically pleasing.

4. A Binding Introduction

One or two paragraphs at the beginning of your blog decide the fate of your whole piece. Your introduction should give a summary of what the blog has to offer and should convince the reader that the ensuing paragraphs contain valuable and relevant content.

5. Formatting

Many bloggers neglect the power of proper formatting. Knowing which section to bold, italicize, or underline makes a considerable difference to your blog’s overall appeal. Even though it is a relatively simple thing to do, but it creates the impression that effort has gone into curating this content.

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