5 LinkedIn post secrets every content writer must know!

If you are a professional content writer and have not yet joined LinkedIn- the professional networking platform yet, know that you are going terribly wrong! Every seasoned content writer will swear by the benefits that LinkedIn brings to them. Freelance content writers, especially, must create a profile on LinkedIn and work hard on self-branding. If you are doing it right, then you will be getting multiple inbound leads every day just through LinkedIn. Besides, the app helps you connect with the biggies of the industry as well as like-minded professionals. In short, the app is literally the Mecca for content writers, and you must download it and start your LinkedIn journey today.

However, if you have been waiting till now because you are running out of ideas, and do not know what to post on Linkedin, then this blog can be your saviour. Scroll down to know the secrets of LinkedIn posting.

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Want to create click-worthy LinkedIn posts?

  • Brand storytelling

Share your professional journey with your audience. It can be about the moment you first ever thought of the company. Or, maybe you can create a post about how you managed the minimal resources to commence on your solopreneur-ship journey. Brand storytelling is the key that can open the door to thousands of followers and uncountable inbound leads. Your followers and prospects should need to know the background story behind your professional commitments. They must know how you managed everything single-handedly and come out of the difficult phase. Brand storytelling posts portray you as an expert who has first-hand experience in handling different professional obstacles.

  • Value-bomb listicles

When you bring value to your audience, they come back to you again and again. By sharing bite-sized value-bombs or crisp listicles, you are portraying yourself as an authority figure who is well-versed with industry trends. Try sharing posts about tools that can make content writing easy and simple. Share tricks and tips to save time and improve productivity while creating content. Create a post on which software and apps can help content writers to stay organised.

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  • Rib-tickling memes

Meme marketing is the latest trend in the content industry. Try posting memes relevant to your niche. The content can be based on your pricing, industry trends, client experience, work schedule and so on. Note that it has to be funny and simple enough so that your audience find it amusing in one go. No one likes to scratch their head to understand the meaning of a meme.


  • Latest industry news

Being a professional content writer, you must keep yourself updated about the latest industry trends. As soon as you come to know about a new app or a new project, or maybe a brand, share your opinion about the same with your audience. Be the first to share your experience and add your point of view to bring in the element of uniqueness.


  • Failure stories

Failures are the stepping stone to success,” and you must reveal the epic failures you have experienced in your professional sojourn. Create posts on how you learnt from those failures. Share how those mistakes shaped your decision-making.

In a Nutshell

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Make the most out of your LinkedIn profile by sharing click-worthy posts on the app. And make sure you are regular with LinkedIn posting. The LinkedIn algorithm is hungry for regularity. Try these post ideas next time, and you are surely going to stir up your target audience with these.

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