5 Platforms to Sign Up as a Freelance Content Writer

Do you think that you would be able to write 350-2000 words on a given topic from a particular area of choice? If yes, then you can start earning right away by writing commissioned pieces of writing.
In today’s world of content marketing, having the potential to write an original and interesting writeup on any topic is a great advantage. Not only do you get to earn, but you get to work according to your schedule and preference. If you are interested in becoming a freelance content writer, then here are a few platforms you must check out.

1. Upwork

If you have been into writing for some time now, you have probably heard of Upwork. It is a website that acts as a middleman between the content writer and the employer. To get a writing job at Upwork, you need to sign up at their website.
Service fee- 5-20%

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is another website for freelancers. You need to signup and mention what services you are willing to provide. You also need to pick a price for your service and find clients to work with.
Service fee- 20%

3. Guru

Guru is a great platform to start freelance writing. There is a plethora of employers and freelancers, not just for content writing but many other services. It is also one of the websites having comparatively lower service charge.
Service fee- <10%

4. Crowd Content

Just like the name suggests, the website has a crowd of content buyers and sellers. You can be one of those freelancer content writers by signing up and writing an application showing your writing skills. They examine your writing skills before approving you as a content writer. Once approved, you can work on your preferred assignment and get paid twice a week.
Service fee- None

5. Content Writers

The site is exclusively for freelance content writers, as evident from the name. It is a very popular platform for freelance content writing. You can visit their website to sign yourself up. In case they are not accepting applications, you can contact them by writing to their team at writers@contentwriters.com.
Service fee- None

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