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Content for Travel Companies

Content for Travel Companies

We awake wanderlust within travellers with our content!

The travel and tourism industry is bouncing back after a long dormancy. Travellers are quite enthusiastic about visiting new terrains without fearing any nasty pandemic. The popular tourist places around the globe are decking up to welcome travellers. And there has been a sudden surge in the sales for travel companies as well.

Whether you run a travel agency that helps tourists with bookings or offers itinerary packages to make the most out of their holidays, you must be witnessing a surge in your sales. But what if we tell you that you can gain much more- all you require is a bit of advertising!

Well, you must have already spent a significant part of your budget on promoting your travel company. Brochures, hoardings, and newspaper ads are some of the most common marketing tactics used by travel companies. But the Covid has taught us to go digital. And if your travel company has not been digitised yet, you, my dear, won’t be able to reap the benefits of this sudden boom in the tourism industry.

Why should you revamp your age-old website now?

So, you do have a business website, and since it has been launched with a decent home page and service section, you have not put any further effort into it. That is why you have not got any results from this website of yours!

Consider your travel business website as your office, where you will get visitors. The home page serves as the reception. The visitors will get to know all about your services and packages. If they wish to know further about your company, they can go to the about us section. They can even check the prices of the packages and services that you offer. The visitors can also gain ample knowledge, tips and tricks related to ticket booking, travel destinations etc., from the blog section of your website. And all these gradually push them slowly down the sales funnel. And that’s exactly how you get results from your website.

So, this is the right time to hire a content writing agency for your travel and tourism company. All you need is a content expert who can cater to your content requirements to boost up your travel website. This straightaway brings us to the next point, which is-

How to choose the best content writing agency for travel companies?

There are a plethora of content writing agencies as well as freelance content writers who claim to be the best in the travel content niche. But how many of them are really capable of delivering unique, out-of-the-box travel content and copies? You cannot trust any random agency that offers “bespoke” services to any and every industry under the sun! You need experts, and here’s how you can identify one!

  • Go for a content writing agency that hires “specialists” and not “generalists.”

A professional content writer cannot write about anything and everything. They do have certain strong points as well as specific weak areas. So, you should always go for a content writing service provider which hires specialists. Enquire about the area of expertise of their writers. If they have travel content writers, you can always ask for samples. 

  • Check if their website looks appealing or not!

If they cannot make their own website copy lucrative enough, there is very little chance that their content will bring you any traffic and leads. Before hiring any agency, always check their own professional portal. If it seems impressive enough, go for it! 

  • Go through their Google reviews and LinkedIn recommendations.

Check each and every Google review before you proceed with any content writing agency. Also, it is better to go through their LinkedIn profile. Their posts, engagements, comments and client recommendations will tell you about their credibility. 

  • Hire the one that has multiple years of experience.

It is always better to go for experienced writers as compared to the newbies in the industry. They can use their enriching experience to revamp your website with their charming yet strategic words. 

  • Enquire about their client onboarding process.

Choose the one that has the simplest client onboarding system. By hiring a content writing agency for your travel website, you wish to shift your burden. There is no need to go through “n” levels of client onboarding. Get in touch with one which is easily accessible and has a seamless client onboarding system.

We can be your ultimate content partner!

From creating persuasive ad copies to penning down engaging blogs, our writers can do it all!

Yes, we have experienced content writers as well as copywriters in our agency. And we do have different writers to handle different industries and niches. And you will be glad to know that we have been creating travel content for the last ten years or so. Besides, we have a huge team of dedicated content writers, copywriters, editors and proofreaders who work hard to produce well-researched, result-oriented, flawless content and copies just for you!

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