Create a Killer Website Content that Actually Brings in Quality Leads!

Writing website content is different from writing blogs and articles. Apart from good writing skills, you will also need to focus on selling the products and services of the company you are writing for. The copy needs to be persuasive enough. It has to be compelling and engaging. Your words should keep the visitors stay longer on the website. These copies are the key to bring in quality traffic to the website. If you wish to know how to write a good content for a website, read on!

What is website copywriting?

The process of writing persuasive content for landing pages of websites, ad copies, social media captions etc., is known as website copywriting. When you curate content for a website, you are actually indulging in multiple activities at one time – marketing, storytelling, convincing, appealing to the visitors, and so on.

How To Create A Copywriter Website (And Start Booking Clients Now) | The Copywriter Club

How can you differentiate a good website copy from a bad one?

An impeccable website copy will keep you engaged from the very first sentence. The writing style will be impressive. Also, there will be an element of storytelling. The words will keep you engrossed in the website. You will feel immersed in the content. The flow and wordplay will be on point.

On the other hand, bad website content never seems appealing to the visitor. The words won’t garner the attention of the potential clients. There will be no synchroneity and coherence in the content.

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Tips to enhance your website content

  • Speak the language of the potential clients: Try to identify the pain points of the target audience. Your job is to present the products and services as the only solution to cure their problem. While offering the potential solution, you will have to keep in mind the expectations and desires of the target audience. Keep the same flow in all the sections – about us, product descriptions, home page and so on. When you speak in the language of the target audience, they believe that you actually understand their issues and difficulties.
  • Focus on benefits rather than features: There is absolutely no use in babbling about the greatness of the company. Remember, the website content should not be all about the company. The visitors will not come to the website to know about the achievements and accomplishments of the company. So, you need to come up with value points for the potential clients. Your words should focus on how the company can solve their problems.

You need not ignore the features and accomplishments of the company altogether. But always prioritise benefits over features.

  • Emphasise user intent: User intent means the intention of the target audience when they land at a website. The intention may or may not be clearly defined. Put yourself into the shoes of potential clients. And then focus on what you are writing. Your words should generate curiosity, keep visitors engaged, make them feel that the company is actually capable of offering a solution.
  • Create a scannable website copy: Generally, a visitor to the website will randomly scan the content rather than reading it in between the lines. If he comes across any value points while skimming through, he will stay at the page longer or, otherwise, move to another website. Being a professional content writer, your job is to keep him glued to the website. Give him reasons to stay back. Use bigger fonts for headings and sub-headings. Keep the sentences short and simple and use bullet points wherever possible. Also, add relatable images to web content in order to increase the aesthetic appeal.

How To Create A Copywriter Website (And Start Booking Clients Now) | The Copywriter Club

In a nutshell

A professional website content writer needs to write for the landing pages of multiple companies. He should keep the above-given points in mind in order to enhance the quality of the web copies. Just focusing on grammatically correct content won’t do the trick here. If you wish to fetch quality traffic and convertible leads for a business website, this blog post will definitely bring value to you.


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