Five habits that can ruin your content writing career

Mistakes are useful as they are the best way to learn something. Especially while writing, people make mistakes, but only in the initial phase. If a freelance content writer or any other writer makes mistakes more than the desired limit, it may sometimes lead to loss of client contracts or reduce target audience and number of visitors.

At the point when we commit an error once, we don’t make it again. Also, the less time we need to spend rectifying our mistakes, the additional time we get to work on other things.

Some habits that can come out as spoiler of your content writing career

Don’t be too obsessed with productivity: Productivity is the key. In this universe of ceaseless plans, working more earnestly doesn’t slice it. It is more common with a technical content writer, and he/she needs to figure out an approach to be effective and work more accurately with productivity. It is a saying that too much of anything can be harmful, including productivity.

Procrastination: I’ll write this section later! Procrastinating constantly for a long time negatively affects your writing. When a writer procrastinates, wastage of time occurs that can give a final touch and improve your work — recollect, time is your most important resource. While some procrastination can be gainful, that doesn’t mean you should deceive yourself and put off your work since you “work better under pressure situations.”

Never be overconfident: Professing to be a specialist in fields like SEO content writing, blog content writing, or web content writing is quite regular among writers – and it is not a genuine slip-up. If you only conduct research, at that point, don’t sell yourself as a master. The second you express your mastery in your picked field, individuals will anticipate that you will produce excellent content as an individual who truly realises the business back to front.

Overindulgence in social media platforms: Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook can negatively affect your writing style. We all are aware of how significant and advantageous they are for a writer, but they can affect your productivity if they distract you from carrying out your tasks.

Reacting poorly to negative feedbacks: Nobody appreciates getting negative feedback for their work. Freelance content writers frequently go through a tough time, getting negative comments on their work. But, turning out to be protective or emotional when a proofreader or supervisor criticises your work will distract your writing career in extensive ways.


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