How to master the art of ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is, right now, one of the most significant popular content styles in the content industry. There is a high demand for ghostwriters as a majority of the brands prefer publishing content under their own name. Professional content writers, therefore, majorly contribute as ghostwriters only. If you are new to this industry and wish to excel as a ghostwriter, then this blog can be quite helpful for you.

What Exactly is the Job of a Ghostwriter?

Ghostwriting: What is a Ghostwriter & Should You Hire One?

A ghostwriter is a content writer who creates content for others. They do not get the credit for writing those content. Ghostwriting involves curating content for public speeches, books and online content such as blogs and articles. You may find it challenging to build your portfolio since your clients won’t give you credit for your work. But then that’s why they are hiring you – for your writing abilities.

If you wish to grow further as a ghostwriter, then we have some fascinating tips for you.

Top 7 Tips to Succeed as a Ghostwriter


  1. Try to be versatile: In the beginning, do not stick to just one niche. Rather, be versatile with the work you deliver. Work on different projects. This will give you exposure to different niches, and gradually you will gain expertise in multiple topics. In just a few months, you will be able to expand your knowledge and experience to a great extent.
  2. Learn the art of adaptability: You need to be able to match the style and voice of your client. Thus, adaptability is highly required if you wish to be a successful ghostwriter. Use your own voice in articles that you publish under your own name. But whenever you are ghostwriting, it is necessary that you resonate with the voice and tonality of your client.
  3. Research a lot: Ghostwriters should be willing to conduct in-depth research work. Your content should be backed with correct facts and figures. Successful ghostwriters always research hard and use authoritative sources for curating a quality content. When you dig deeper for details and information and create a well-researched and engaging blog/article.
  4. Be highly responsible: In order to become an established ghostwriter, you should be responsible enough. There is a high demand for ghostwriters who are diligent, high-motivated and self-driven. You must deliver all your ghostwriting projects within the given deadline. Also, have open communication with your client and do not leave any room for obscurity.
  5. Keep upskilling: Be well-versed with the latest development and trends in the content industry. Try to be accustomed to the latest tools and software. Also, it is better to be accustomed to current affairs so that you can use these details to back up your content.
  6. Look for recommendations: Also, you need to actively let people know that you are up for ghostwriting work and are a professional ghostwriter. Network extensively and let people know about your availability and expertise as a ghostwriter. Ask for recommendations from the clients for whom you have worked earlier.
  7. Ask for payment upfront: Always charge in advance from your clients. Otherwise, it gets dicey, and some clients may refuse to pay you. You will not get the credit for your work since you are a ghostwriter. But the least you can ask for is upfront payment from your clients.

In a Nutshell

Are you looking for a fulfilling career as a ghostwriter? Then practice these tips and hacks, and things will definitely get smooth with time. Being a ghostwriter can be a fruitful career option for content writers. But one needs to work really hard to set a strong footing as a ghostwriter in the industry.


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