Knowing The Anatomy Of New-Age Content Writers

You will find a writer in the corner of a cafe, lost in their world, eyes piercing the screen they hide behind with fingers running lightning fast on the keyboard and a certain level of quickness with words when they speak. These are only some things that will make you instantly identify that one is a freelance content writer.

For centuries, writers have been perceived in society as these aloof, enigmatic creatures who only ever come out to stare romantically at the night sky and write a rhyme or two about their angst or an ex-lover, or even both. Today’s world, though, has made writers a much more common sighting, and you can find one anywhere from a park to a cafe typing away to make sure a product sells or a website ranks well, or even both. Here are some features in the anatomy of a content writer that will help you identify them in seconds:

  • Anti-radiation glasses – A full-time job as a writer means that a person has to quickly look at their computer screen for more than 8 hours. This makes it imperative to protect the eyes, which are not made to take that strain. This is why you will find many wearing some glasses.
  • Coffee/tea – The bags under the eyes of many writers will tell you how little sleep they get every night (or none at all). It is hard to see yourself through the day when you’re low on rest and not running on caffeine. That is why it is a must for many content writers. While some love coffee as their choice of caffeine and many content writers in India swear by chai, a hot beverage is always a part of the equation.

  • Earphones /headphones – Writing requires a focus that is impossible when one is surrounded by noise and disruptions. You will mostly find professional content writers clad in some music equipment such as an earphone to reduce the effect of noise. Writing while your favorite music plays in the background also helps many get in the flow and focus better.

  • Stationery – You can always organize your days and life digitally, but writing pen down things physically is a very nostalgic feeling. This could be why you will find professional content writers with at least a notebook and pens. Additionally, they might be extra elaborate ones who carry planners, pens in different colors, page labels, etc.

These are some of the things by which you can identify a freelance content writer. What are the things you have noticed all writers do?

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