Manage your work schedule as a professional content writer with these hacks

There are just 24 hours in a day to accomplish your targets and goals. And you will have to take time out for other important activities such as sleeping, eating, enjoying your social life and so on. Most of the freelance content writers complain of having no social life at all. They cannot take time out for their personal lives as well. But this is not how things should be. There are several tools and hacks that can help in the easy management of time. Want to know more? Read on!

32 Time Management Tips To Work Less and Play More

Invest in a planner or calendar

If you plan everything out in your thoughts, you can be biting off more than you can chew without even realizing it. Having a map or a calendar where you can fill in project start and end dates, as well as progress targets, can provide you with a clear visual depiction of how much work you’re dealing with. You’ll be able to tell if you’re making a big issue out of nothing or if you should be moving twice as fast.

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Set realistic deadlines

When giving a client an estimate of how long it will take to accomplish a project, don’t nail everything down to the last detail. Things take time, and something important may be rushed. It’s possible that you catch a cold. You can never be sure about the future. It is preferable to overestimate by a few days and surprise a client by completing the task ahead of schedule than to underestimate and give the impression that you are unreliable.

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Enlist the tasks for the day: Start your day by planning all the tasks that you are required to complete. Enlist them as per the priority. Allot time to each activity as per the requirement as well as your comfort. While planning your tasks for the day, you will have to keep in mind the deadlines as well. Keep ticking off each task as and when you finish it. Not only does it give immense satisfaction and a sense of motivation, but it will also help you prevent procrastination. You can even use certain online tools for the same purpose.

Keep distractions at bay: Will you check your phone every ten minutes if it’s right in front of you? Perhaps you should charge it in another room while you work. Do your noisy neighbours annoy you when you’re trying to think? Consider using ambient sounds in your headphones to block the cacophony. If you find yourself returning to the same mistakes that consume parts of your working hours, replace them with habits that work better for you.

Set your limits and learn to say no: Setting limits is beneficial for people who cannot strike the right balance between personal and professional lives. Also, a person should be aware of whether they are working for a living or as a hobby. Here is something we recommend to you.

Make your timetable: Set work and off-hours and stick to them. These may change when your calendar fills up with client tasks, or you enter a busy season. What matters is that you strike a balance so that work does not take over your personal time. You must keep your personal and professional lives separate, or you will lose your mind.

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Managing time is not everyone’s cup of tea. But a professional content writer is responsible for managing the sales and traffic diversion to the client’s website. So, apart from content creation, you should manage your own time as well. Then only you will be able to bring value to your clients as well as yourself. Try these tips and hacks for efficient management of time. Remember that you are working to create the life of your dream. There is absolutely no value in sinking yourself under workload if you can’t enjoy every day of your life.

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