Top 7 Tools That You Should Use to Amp Up Your Content

The world needs to understand that content writers do not just end up typing words on their laptops or desktop. Content creation involves a great deal of research work, typing (of course), proofreading, and editing. At each step, a professional content writer needs to devote ample time and do a lot of hard work.

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To reduce the burden of a content writer, multiple tools are available. If you are a newbie, then you should definitely consider using these tools to amp up your content quality. Even if you are an experienced writer, these tools will save a great deal of your time. Let’s have a look at all the amazing tools for content writing that can make your work a whole lot easier!

HubSpot’s blog topic generator: The title of your content needs to be extremely catchy and attention-grabbing. But regardless of your skill sets and capabilities, when writer’s block hits you hard, you cannot come up with a suitable title for your content. HubSpot’s content idea generator is an exceptional tool that can help you to come up with catchy titles that can garner lots of attention.All you need to do is to enter three relevant nouns that match your niche, and HubSpot will do the rest for you.

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SEMrush: SEMrush is an amazing tool that can help you identify the latest trends in your niche. With this tool, you can audit your on-page SEO as well as enhance your website pages. SEMrush allows you to have a better understanding of your page. Thereby you can optimise your page for SEO for the purpose of lead generation.

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Quora: Quora is a gem for all the professional content writers out there. Every day tons of questions get published on Quora. All you need to do is to chart out the most popular questions, which get a lot of engagement.


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Grammarly: Whether you are a grammar nazi or not, using Grammarly will only boost your content quality manifolds. Grammarly is a premium app that increases the readability of your content, helps you check plagiarism and also zeroes out grammatical errors.

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Trello: It is just like your dashboard, where you can easily track all your content projects. Several lists can be added, such as planning, outline, launch, editing, writing etc. All these will keep you sorted, and you will never ever forget a deadline or keep any of your work pending. It is an amazing tool to manage and organise your entire work process.

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Infogram: If you do not have expertise in creating infographics and also find it a tad bit costly to hire an infographics expert, then make sure you use this Infogram tool. It helps you to use attractive graphics, charts, dashboards, maps etc. Make your content visually appealing with this unique and innovative tool.

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Copyscape: One of the most efficient tools for plagiarism checking, the Copyscape premium tool is like a gem for every professional content writer. You can use this incredible content for checking the originality or genuineness of any content. You can either copy paste a given text or scan a website to look for any plagiarism. Also, the tool offers swift results and is popular for its accuracy as well.

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Your content is responsible for generating views, likes and bringing traffic to your client’s website. Also, it acts as your portfolio that reflects your calibre, idea, skillsets and mindset. Your content will always be an integral part of your self-branding tactics. So, it is better to use all the tools and software that you can in order to enhance the tonality and overall readability of your content.

Some of the aforementioned tools are free, while others come in a premium version. It is obvious that the premium version seems to be quite expensive. However, investing in a few of these premium tools can indeed bring you amplified ROI.

Get these content quality checking tools today and increase your content quality by leaps and bounds! If you are a beginner and want some additional tips and advices to make your journey smooth, click here.


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