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White Label Content Services in India

White Label Content Services in India

Content is the king!

People care about results, and good content can get you extraordinary returns. The search for good content goes two ways one, you create a team of content writers from scratch, or two, you outsource. 

While building a team from scratch could be a tedious process that can take a toll on your financial resources, outsourcing could be a game-changer for your content needs. 

Content Developer is an established agency with a diverse network of freelance writers. It gives original unique content without burning a hole in your pocket and saves time. 

So, first of all, let’s get answers to questions that you as a client may be having in your mind.

What is White Label Content Service?

White-label content service simply means getting your content via outsourcing with no strings attached. It’s called white label, as the product comes without watermarks or branding. You can now use the product or sell it as your own. 

The product, in this case, is content with no strings attached to the Content Developer.

Why are Content Writing Services in Demand? 

After the pandemic and the sudden surge in great resignation, small businesses and startups are mushrooming worldwide. For their unique products to reach the public, these businesses need a medium. Either they spend exorbitantly on marketing or rely on organic marketing. 

Organic marketing is a more feasible option, and for that result inducing crisp content is required. These small businesses can either make their own team which is a hassle if on a budget, or they outsource. 

The content demands, which may be anything from blog posts to white papers to case studies or social media posts, are met by content agencies. These agencies, with their unique network of freelancers, provide you with time-tested, content-driven results.

How do Content Writing Agencies Function?

These agencies obtain required content from experienced and quality freelance writers. This saves your time searching for good writers, and the writers can focus on writing rather than seeking leads! 

Content Agencies cater to your needs of monthly bulk work with timely delivery and solid post-delivery edits. The content from these agencies is white-label, i.e., after payment, they don’t bother if you sell the content as your own or post it on social media.

Is this Plagiarism?

Since you, as the client, sign up for white label content service, you won’t be called out for copying. This is absolutely legal as the original writer does not have any rights over the content once paid for it. 

Rest assured, you have qualitative content in your hands that has the power to generate leads and can get your dream figures.

Things to Remember

Outsourcing looks like a desirable and feasible option when done systematically. If done in a haywire manner, you might lose money, goodwill, and business just at the beginning. 

Some essential things we provide:

  • Our content writers will always be in sync with your thoughts and in writing them on paper. 
  • A signed contract with us to cover all the legal implications of using our content as your own. 
  • A systematic medium to provide content and edits for the same. We make sure your suggestions are taken into consideration, and the content is written as per your wishes. 
  • A detailed onboarding process where you can give an exhaustive brief of the project to save any error in future. 
  • Open to feedback; when giving an edit, do try and be precise about what works for you and what didn’t gel with your thoughts. Clarity of thoughts is the best friend of writers. 
  • We are very clear and transparent about the payment terms and conditions. Any delay or issues are solved amicably.

Exceptions in Outsourcing

  • If you require a dedicated writer, who maintains the tone of writing throughout your blog posts, then hiring our freelance writers is a better option. 
  • You should have enough financial resources to pay premium writers for their undivided attention. 
  • You should have a dedicated system to track the quality, submissions, and payments on time.

The Takeaway

There are various options to obtain your content for your clients. Either you can get White Label content from a third-party agency or can engage a team of freelancers. 

Choosing either of the two options requires a thorough assessment of your content needs, target audience pain points, niche-specific content, and time and financial assets to engage a freelancer or a third-party agency.

Content developer takes care of all your needs and addresses all of your requirements. The comprehensive network of freelancers and utmost quality checks while delivering content and subsequent revisions make it your first choice for all your content needs.

So what are you waiting for? Dial at +91 98994 46830, or send in a mail at and get quality content delivered with minimum hassle and maximum quality.