Why should a content writer have an organised workspace?

Are you a freelance content writer, and work from home is your everyday story? If yes, then make sure that you have a decluttered, organised and dust-free workspace. The dirty, clingy look will always keep your mind gutted with negative thoughts. On the other hand, a neat and clean workspace will fill your mind with innovative ideas. Let us see what are the issues that they create for freelance content writers.

Problems caused by disorganised workspace

  • Increased stress levels
  • Longer work hours because of improper planning
  • Restrained efficiency.
  • Lack of motivation

Benefits of having an organised, mess-free workspace:

Why It's Important to Have a Clean, Organized Workspace

Improves concentration

It increases productivity, efficiency and creativity. An unorganised desk makes it difficult for a content writer to concentrate on work as there is too much distraction. On the other hand, when they are given a clean and decluttered workspace, they tend to show more interest in their work and focus completely on it.

Effects health positively

Organised workspaces also affect content writer’s health positively. Extensive research shows that physically working in an unorganised environment causes chronic health problems such as increased tension levels, back pain, eye strain, fatigue, and stress. A messy atmosphere and surroundings always lead to frustration and anger. Thus, keeping your workspace mess-free can benefit you physically as well as mentally.

Boosts morale

Having a well-organised workspace will keep you motivated. You won’t mind spending long hours at your workspace when it is organised, well-lit and clutter-free.

Improves satisfaction level 

Organised workspaces improve satisfaction levels. A workplace that reflects a writer’s personality will contribute to good mental health. In return, they feel more positive about their freelancing profession as a whole, resulting in greater productivity.

How to plan a workspace?

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Here are some amazing tips that you can use to make your virtual and physical workspace organised:

  • A project management software is a blessing in disguise: You can choose from a wide variety of project management software available in the market. Each of them has different features. Most of these tools are free to use. However, if you wish to use their premium version, you will have to pay a certain amount. Some of these tools are Trello, Asana, Monday and so on.
  • Whiteboards work wonders when it comes to the sophistication of your workplace: Use a whiteboard to write down the deadlines, content strategy and anything related to work on it. It serves as a hanging reminder that you need to gather yourself up and deliver the content.
  • Try investing in a planner: You can still go for old school planners and write things down as a reminder. It acts magically and keep you more organised, calm and in sync with your projects. Most of the content writers would relate to this feeling.
  • Never underestimate the power of a Google calendar: Use a Google calendar to keep track of client calls, zoom meets, to-do lists and so on. This one is meant especially for all those who practice the method of outbound outreach on a regular basis.
  • Dedicate a drawer for storing your stationery: You cannot just throw away your pens, pencils, highlighters etc., all over your desk. Keep all your stationery in one place inside a drawer. You can access them whenever you need them and won’t waste time searching for the products.
  • Ample lighting should be there: No one likes working in a dull, dreary, dingy room. Choose the favourite corner of your home. Light it up. One bright light should be right above your head and another one for ambient lighting. This will keep you awake and also protect your eyes from unnecessary straining.

5 tips to Organize Your Workspace and Reclaim your Productivity | by Matthew Encina | The Futur | Medium


An organised workplace is what every freelance content writer dreams of. Take some time off your busy schedule and give a complete makeover to your workspace with these tips. You will notice sea changes in your productivity and mood within just 24 hours.

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