Write Captivating Website Copies with These Tips and Hacks!

The ability to write appealing website copies can bring you a great deal of money. If you are able to convince the visitors with your words, then you will surely be able to make it big in the content writing industry. But writing persuasive website content is not a cakewalk. Writing is easy, but maintaining the persuasive tonality without being way too salesy can be a tad bit difficult.

This blog brings you some much-needed tips and tricks using which you can notch up your website content writing ability. If you are still wondering how to write website copy that is impactful enough, then dive straight into the blog right away.

Top 7 Tips for Nailing a Killer Website Copy!

  • Know the purpose of writing the website content: Before you commence writing a killer web copy for your client, try to understand the purpose of the website content. It is necessary to know about the end goal. When you know the purpose of the content, you can use relevant vocabulary and ideas to make the content more appealing. Ask the client if the website aims at bringing in new clients and generating fresh leads. Confirm whether the website is meant for selling specific products or services.

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  • Study the websites of the competitors: Be smart enough to study the competitor websites as well. Keeping a tab of the rivals can help you come up with an effective content strategy for the website. You will be able to conduct a gap analysis and give your client’s website a push using this result. Spying through competitor websites bring you valuable insights regarding the tactics and moves of the rivals. You can use defensive as well as attacking content tactics to overshadow the rivals.

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  • Use engaging statements from the very beginning: Know that you have mere 15 seconds to grab the attention of the website visitors. Take it as a challenge and write down an engaging statement that keeps your audience hooked. Excite them, or make them eager. The idea is to evoke emotion so strong that the website visitors decide to stay on the website. Your tonality should be compelling enough to bring back the visitors now and again to the website.

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  • Keep the website copy readable: The web copy should be scannable. It means that you must allow the readers to skim through the website content. Use bullets, headers, numbered listings, sub-headings, etc., so that they can easily read through the content. There should be adequate white space so that the website does not feel too cluttered or messy. Avoid long sentences and endless paragraphs. Integrate eye-catchy images and graphics to the website copy.

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  • Use conversational tone for the website content: Use active voice and sound amicable to the audience. Do not use passive voice as it sounds way too formal. Address the audience with “You”. For a company, use “We”; “I” can be used for a more personal touch.
  • Avoid fancy jargon: Make sure the vocabulary is simple enough. Keep the sentences concise and crisp. Avoid professional terminologies. Do not use fancy synonyms just for the sake of it. No one wants to go through a website with a dictionary in one hand.

In a Nutshell

Things To Keep In Mind While Designing Your Website

Writing an attractive web copy is more like an art. You need to be a wordsmith to be able to attract convertible leads for your client. Always use relevant words and keep your audience hooked to the website. Make them want more of the content. And you can accomplish this by using the above-mentioned tips and hacks.

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