4 Content Writing Trends for Increased Views

There are new difficulties and victories every year. There are constantly new trends and technology that content marketers need to stay up with in order to keep developing. From artificial intelligence (AI) to search engine optimisation (SEO) to interactive content, the previous year has seen several technological advances that need new skills to acquire.

This year’s inbound content writing trends are well-established at this point, with the first half of 2022 now behind us. Here are some of the most important content writing trends to keep an eye on.

Make use of the best practices for SEO content writing


Nowadays, it is essential to have a well-thought-out content strategy. The best content writing practices must be employed even after planning and further editing. Writing for search engines is probably the most useful tip we can give you. When it comes to SEO writing, you’re creating content that appeals to both search engines and human readers. Your content can be a perfect blend of user-friendly and search engine-friendly if you follow these guidelines.

Emphasis on the value

With marketing content, there is a lot of focus on offering actual value rather than simply increasing sales. Customers are more critical than ever before, which means messages must be crystal clear, authentic, and well-written in order to be received.

Instead of concentrating on how they can make a sale, marketers should concentrate on what problems they can solve. Brands that show genuine concern for their customers’ well-being are more likely to win the trust of their customers.

Personalise the content

There is no longer a place for generic content. Personalisation has a significant impact on a wide range of content types. For instance, an average open rate of 5.9 percent and a 0.2 percent increase in clicks are achieved when the message and subject line of the email is personalised. Eighty-five percent of customers made purchases as a result of personalised homepage promotions. According to our research, 79% of customers will only click on a deal if it is personalised for them. Eighty-seven percent of people polled said that personalised content has a positive impact on their perception of a brand.

Writing a screenplay for a video

People are spending more time on their mobile devices and connecting with videos than ever before. 27.2 percent of internet viewers watch more than 10 hours of video every week, according to recent research. The use of video content in place of static content, such as blog posts and social network photographs, is on the rise.

The creation of video scripts that may be utilised in conjunction with a company’s existing marketing and promotions has become a common practice among content developers.

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