5 Tips To Come Up With An Eye-Ball Grabbing Headline

Like you and me, what is the first thing that we notice in a written piece of content? Or how do we judge the quality of the content at a glance?

If you still have not guessed it, then let me tell you that it is the headline. The headline or a title is the most crucial part of your article, and if you have managed to curate an exciting or eye-ball-grabbing one, your article is already an 80% hit.

The same importance applies to naming a book, a blog, or even a TV series. Even if the plot or concept of the subject is the most motivational or spellbinding in the world, people will click on it primarily because of the title.

So, how can you write unique and catchy headlines for your content? Follow these tips for a good headline!

Apart from reading the best content writing books, you can follow these easy tips for a good headline.

1. Never skip out on the headline

Do not skip out on it, even if it is a three-word title. How else can you give an identity to your content if there is no headline? Do not be in a rush in choosing a heading. Spend as much time until you are entirely satisfied with yourself on coming up with the perfect header for your content.

2. Your headline must be promising

Your readers will only read your content if they find the headline promising to enlighten them with what they want to know.

3. Using numbers adds to bringing the attention of people faster

It could be any number at the beginning or the end of your headline. To get an idea of how to write a headline using numbers, check out the headline of this blog. But remember, use too many numbers in a single sentence or any random order.

4. Describing Words

Add and use adjectives to your headline that could relate to the audience’s issue in some way. You can use words such as ‘eye-ball grabbing,’ ‘effortless,’ ‘essential,’ ‘catchy,’ ‘important,’ etc.

5. Rationale Words

Explain what your audience might be looking for using simple words. Using words in your heading with words such as ‘tips,’ ‘ways,’ ‘tricks,’ ‘secrets,’ ‘causes,’ etc., can help your content greatly.

If you get stuck at any point on choosing a heading, ask yourself a question- “Will my audience be intrigued enough?”. Considering that the answer is yes, then move on with it. If you are still confused, reach out to your family and friends. Ask them to look at it with a hawk-eye and be honest in their opinions.

Use these tips for a good headline to skyrocket your content!

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