5 self-branding strategies for budding content writers

You can be the most knowledgeable, experienced and qualified content writer ever. Yet, no one will be aware of your capabilities and approach you for work if you are not marketing yourself. Besides the competition in the content writing industry is way too intense. So, if you do not wish to miss out on some of the most excellent work opportunities, then it is a must that you start working on self-branding strategies.

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Self-branding: What does it mean?

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Self-branding also goes by the name of personal branding. If you are offering any kind of service to the mass, then you need to market yourself by using apt tactics and marketing strategies. Conveying the message of your business or brand to your target audience and letting them know that you actually exist is what we call self-branding or personal branding. The idea is to familiarise your target audience with your brand and let them know that you have solutions for their specific issues.

Why does a professional content writer need to work on self-branding?

Personal Branding là gì? Các bước xây dựng Personal Branding là gì?

To stay ahead of the competition. Period!

There are thousands of professional content writers – some work as full-timers with some agencies, while others offer freelance content writing services. A full-timer content writer needs to work on his personal brand so that he can pitch for better work opportunities and seek a higher salary. Similarly, a freelance content writer needs to build a robust brand strategy so that he never runs out of work. Although there are so many companies and businesses you can offer your services to, if you want a consistent flow of leads, then you must work on self-branding.

Benefits of having a full-proof brand strategy

  • A personal brand helps you in developing a strong connection with your audience.
  • When you have a robust personal brand, you can charge more for your clients.
  • Self-branding helps in a continuous flow of work.
  • Self-branding portrays you as an expert.
  • Personal branding makes you easily accessible to your prospects.
  • With a full-fledged self-branding strategy, you can stand out from the crowd.

5 sure-shot self-branding strategies that every content writer MUST use!

  • Invest in building your personal website

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In the initial phase of your content writing career, this may seem like a huge investment. But trust us when we say each penny is worth the investment, given the result that your website will fetch for you. Your website serves as the connection point between you and your prospects.

  • Create an appealing e-portfolio

Apart from your website, you must also build a digital portfolio for yourself. You can share this e-portfolio whenever you pitch to a prospect. Sharing a glimpse of your recent and best works will definitely portray you as an expert, professional and experienced content writer.

  • Focus on design collaterals

Publicity Mantra | Why is a Logo so Important?

Most professional content writers neglect this aspect while developing self-branding strategies. If you wish to create brand awareness, then you need to work on your brand logo and email signature. You can either design these by yourself using the Canva app or hire a graphic designer for the same.

  • Choose 2-3 social media platforms and start creating content

LinkedIn Profiles Can Now Display Career Breaks

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are a haven for freelance content writers. Optimise your profiles across all these platforms. Use the same profile picture or image for all of them. And then go ahead with content creation. Regular content posting is perhaps one of the easiest personal branding strategies.

  • Network extensively!

Networking: How to Maximize Opportunities and Boost Your Career Connections - career-advice.jobs.ac.uk

Reach out to fellow content writing professionals. Engage actively and share genuine comments on their posts. Connect with like-minded professionals. Attend seminars, podcasts, virtual sessions and so on. In short, show up!

Wrapping up

Personal branding can help you sky-rocket your professional life. Apt self-branding strategies can bring you exponential growth, which you have never imagined before. So, when will you start working on your personal brand?



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