How To Generate Passive Income From Content Writing

We know writing can be difficult at times, but what can be more difficult than writing and not getting paid for your masterpieces. You may have often heard that writers don’t make enough money according to their hardwork, and probably why you must have given up on that idea once upon a time. But allow us to bust that myth for you! WRITERS MAKE A HANDSOME SUM OF MONEY! You need to be passionate about it, and no, we are not just talking about those author kind of writers. You need to know how to implement the right strategies to make a career out of what you love. Here are five ways how to make a passive income out of your contents

1. You know it’s time to write your blog

The most popular way for authors to make passive money is through a paid blog. Numerous writers earn money through blogging. It is a full-time job for some. Each blog article you write and publish will last for years and generate revenue on an ongoing basis.

2.  Get that copywriting idea going

The web is powered by images and text (and yes, lots of code, but you get our meaning). Therefore, if you have a gift for language, you are in high demand. While some media outlets will continue to pay authors a set amount for material, others will continue paying writers indefinitely on a per-click basis. Thus, while the initial advance for a blog piece may be small, the subsequent pay-per-click profits on a really popular article may turn a small advance into a click-rate bonanza.

3. Launch your podcast

Podcasting can be a lucrative side hustle if your writing style appeals to a listening audience. Although more people are trying to accomplish more than one thing at the same time, podcasting is still developing at a quick pace, whether you take paid advertising money or advertise your work.

4. Be a model for writings, start with Patreon models

Patreon and other such sites allow people to support their favorite writers’ work by making a small donation. Because of their sponsorship, you can receive a consistent, growing monthly income that will allow you to maintain your independence while remaining accessible to continue generating your finest work.

5. Investing

Invest a significant amount of your writing revenue in dividend-paying mutual funds. You may easily generate a 5–8% annual return on your money without putting your principal in danger (assuming you don’t need the money right away). If you create this investing nest egg as your writing income grows, you will be able to live only on dividends. And it’s far more profitable than simply holding the money in your bank account.


We understand content writing as a side hustle may not be a popular choice among many, but you can never underestimate the power of the content writing business. Name any industry content writers are needed EVERYWHERE! Moreover, it’s at its peak; whether you have just graduated, are looking for a passive income to grow your business, or pay your bills, content writing is the easiest and most efficient source of income.

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